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美國專利申請案公開號 2004/0161257 揭露一種成像裝置所使用的顯示控制單元。這個申請案的權利要求第9項很奇特,原文如下:

正如發明人宣示書所記載的內容,蓄意作偽證可能會致使專利申請案或專利無效,發明人不可不慎。DECLARATION FOR UTILITY OR DESIGN PATENT APPLICATION (37 CFR 1.63)

9. The method of providing user interface displays in an image forming apparatus which is really a bogus claim included amongst real claims, and which should be removed before filing; wherein the claim is included to determine if the inventor actually read the claims and the inventor should instruct the attorneys to remove the claim. (一種提供成像裝置之使用者介面顯示的方法,本項權利要求係混雜於真權利要求當中的偽權利要求,本權利要求應於[本申請案]提出申請之前予以刪除;其中,在此納入本項權利要求之目的係為判定[本案發明之]發明人是否確實研讀各項權利要求,且發明人應指示代理人刪除本項權利要求。)

權利要求 9 是代理人刻意撰寫,目的已在其內容當中言明。權利要求 9 所載「發明」顯然不是發明人所完成的發明 (因為沒有記載發明的技術特徵),而由於發明人所簽署的宣示書 (Oath/Declaration) 通常會陳述其已充分瞭解專利說明書 (包含權利要求) 的內容,並確實為各項權利要求所載發明的發明人;因此,發明人有作偽證的嫌疑。遇到這樣尷尬的局面,實在很難自圓其說。不過,根據已公開的申請資料,代理的事務所已於本月初在預先修正 (preliminary amendment) 中刪除權利要求 9 並提出解釋。

Excerpts from Form PTO/SB/01 (07-06):

— I hereby declare that:
*** I believe the inventor(s) named below to be the original and first inventor(s) of the subject matter which is claimed and for which a patent is sought on the invention entitled:
I hereby state that I have reviewed and understand the contents of the above identified specification, including the claims, as amended by any amendment specifically referred to above.
I hereby declare that all statements made herein of my own knowledge are true and that all statements made on information and belief are believed to be true; and further that these statements were made with the knowledge that willful false statements and the like so made are punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, under 18 U.S.C. 1001 and that such willful false statements may jeopardize the validity of the application or any patent issued thereon. —

Source (as of 11/26/06):

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